With more than 20 years of industry experience, Abrahams Consulting serves as one voice to the Federal, State and Local governments as well as Corporate IT executives for niche technology solutions.

Founded on the premise that IT professionals are burdened with the pressure of having to decide among a vast array of options in IT technologies, we have determined that they would benefit from a company that seeks to be their eyes and ears among those technologies that postulate mission critical applications, security breaches and infrastructural concerns.

As an ambassador to our clients in their quest to navigate the broad spectrum of security, storage and networking solutions in this dynamic and ever changing technology marketplace, our team brings deeper meaning to the belief that, “time is money,” hence we strive to remain focused on researching and promoting only those solutions that have been pre-tested and evaluated to comprehensively meet specific IT challenges.

“Finding you the right solution,” will remain our motto for decades to come.