Passive Optical Network: How It Works (II)

Passive Optical Network

Our series continues with a focus on the benefits of the Passive Optical Network. Our last post  highlighted tremendous savings in capital expenditure. Savings. The fruit of its design. But what about operational costs? The Passive Optical Network is the gift that keeps on giving. Network managers are smart. Scores are impressed with the savings in capital expenditures. However, … [Read more...]

Cloud Consciousness. Check Your Pulse.(Part 2)


At the time of this post, CNN reported that Malaysian Fight MH 17 had been yanked from the sky by pro-Russian rebel missiles. Two hundred and ninety three lives snuffed out like tired candles. It is daunting  to discuss disaster recovery and business continuity in light of these events. To be the referee who is trying to contain  damages. Yet, obligated to stay in the ring with the likes … [Read more...]

Cloud Consciousness. Check Your Pulse. Part (1)

cloud consciousness

Did you anticipate a day when there would be a positive correlation between the cloud and consciousness? Neither did I. Yet cloud consciousness, though, a relatively new phenomenon is here to stay. Knock, Knock. Who is there? It's Obamacare.... Remember that fiasco? I-I- mean launch? Sorry. Collect yourself.  Dismiss the thought. Are you ready to implement your … [Read more...]

Passive Optical Network. How it works. (part 1)

passive optical network

We live in a world of 'flash,' often with nothing to substantiate the claims. Not so with the Passive Optical Network. In an earlier post, I compared the passive optical LAN  to the Brazuca. Well, now I am eating crow. Chewed. Swallowed. Done. Brazil. Oh..... Brazil. Ouch. So much for your World Cup ambitions. A math buff, I am not. But, here is an equation for those of … [Read more...]

Passive Optical LAN,Your Brazuca!

Passive Optical LAN-Your Brazuca

Hands down. If, it is about your network, the passive optical LAN (POL) must be on your short list. It could be your Brazuca.   Haven't heard of the POL technology? Read on. But first, let me tell you about the Brazuca. According to the Addidas group, the Brazuca is an icon born. What makes an icon? What does it take to become an icon? To be better than everyone else and … [Read more...]