Lateral Movement in Your Network. Can you tell?

By  Keith Wilson   One of the most damaging assumptions an organization can make is to assume an attacker’s end goal is to compromise a network. The majority of threat actors are after your data, not just circumventing firewalls and access controls. If they gain access to your network but get found out before they can steal anything, the attack was most likely considered a failure. To … [Read more...]

GPON in Healthcare: Cough up the phlegm

So 'crass' is not my goal. GPON in healthcare is. And typically, I'd say,  'I'm sorry.' Not this time. When was the last time you savored phlegm? Or thought, it was even almost close to a good idea? Not you, not any sane person ever. So why do you continue to default to traditional Ethernet networking? Here are ten  signs of phlegm  in your healthcare Ethernet network … [Read more...]

StealthWatch: Fight Data Leakage

Written By Keith Wilson Traditionally, the climax to a story ends with the hero saving the day. I will save you the anticipation by telling you now that this is not the case with this tale. If you are looking for a happy ending for our large retail company who has fallen victim, I can assure you that in the following paragraphs, it does not happen.   In part one of this series, we … [Read more...]

GPON vs Cisco: 3 lies you should know

 GPON vs Cisco.   Does selecting a networking design bring out the angst in you? Does the process remind you of selecting a spouse? If you're hitched, you understand. If you're  not, stay tuned... When you compare GPON vs Cisco, the default choice is Cisco. Cisco has been proven to work. Maybe not Cisco, necessarily, but the traditional Ethernet LAN. And that makes … [Read more...]

Data Loss: 3 signs you no longer give a damn

Ok. I agree. That title is a little extreme. It is not that you don't care about data loss, it just hasn't happened to you. And all you hear is the noise. I hate noise. You do too, I am sure. And sometimes, if there is nothing you can do about it, you, like most people, tune out. I do it with my children. They are 20 months and six years old respectively. Noise, is what they … [Read more...]