PON: There is nothing passive about this Network


When you think about passivity, the Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) should not come to mind. 'PON', its nickname, is experiencing exponential growth and is on target to reach 33.3 billion by 2020. Need I say more?  [Further Reading: Six reasons to ride this wave] Just this month, Tellabs, a leading provider of the passive optical network (PON) solutions, announced a deploy in Park … [Read more...]

Healthcare security, Smallpox and the Slave

 "Cotton Mather's successful smallpox campaign was based on inoculation advice he received from a slave name Onesimus." -----The Boston Globe It sounds like Cotton may have had a shot of humility. More on that later. In February, Anthem, the nation's second largest health insurer, reported that 8.8  to 18.8 million people who were not customers could be impacted by their recent data … [Read more...]

GPON: coffee, bagels and your metro card


What does coffee, bagels and your metro card have to do with the Gigabit Passive Optical network (GPON)?  Oh, Everything and then some. What's the 'then some?' Convenience. Do you remember the last time your were inconvenienced? How did you feel? Recently, a media sales representative invited me to visit her office under false pretense. You probably hate her … [Read more...]

13 reasons why some cloud security projects will always fail

Yes. I know. I subscribe too. 'Failure is an event not the person.' 'Failure is critical to success.' And my favorite, 'fail forward.' But if your cloud security project fail, you will have hell to pay. Nobody wants to pay hell. Nobody. Have you considered what your hell will look and feel like if your cloud security  project fails? Further reading: Four key ways … [Read more...]

How to worry less about data storage security

data storage security

Did you know that $22 billion is spent on anxiety symptoms that mimic physical illness each year? Chances are you're worrying about something right now. Your worry may not have anything to do with data storage security. I am betting that it does. Why else, would you be reading this article? I take that back. It could be just the idea of worrying less. Worry is fear. You … [Read more...]