How to worry less about data storage security

data storage security

Did you know that $22 billion is spent on anxiety symptoms that mimic physical illness each year? Chances are you're worrying about something right now. Your worry may not have anything to do with data storage security. I am betting that it does. Why else, would you be reading this article? I take that back. It could be just the idea of worrying less. Worry is fear. You … [Read more...]

Same stinkin’ thinking. Same ol’ network.


  Happy New Year! Did you know that 95% of new year resolutions are broken by January 15th? I had no idea until I heard it from Tony Robbins. He helps me with my stinkin' thinkin.' I have broken a few resolutions over the years.  My ambitious gym membership always ends up on the chopping block because  I often feel like I am making a donation to the facility after a few … [Read more...]

The new data security law: Just plain bull

New Datat Security Law

The new data security law,  if not plain bull, is certainly a fight amongst bulls. Who is in the ring? The Federal government versus the state government. The banking groups versus the retailers. And let's not forget the ring master---the bully---the master of ceremonies in this circus. Do you believe that the new data security law will protect your data? These are desperate times … [Read more...]

Passive Optical LAN Market: 6 reasons to ride this wave

Passive Optical LAN Market

I will never know the thrill of water surfing. I am too scared. Hey, Fear is healthy. Sometimes. I admire those who dare. I bet you do too. Did you know that the  longest surf ride on record is 3 hours and 55 minutes? Kudos to surfing champion Gary Saavedra who took on the 2011 "Canal Cross" challenge and rode a 41.3 mile wave for nearly 4 hours! Ok--- It was an … [Read more...]

Databases In The Cloud: Are you on the right track?

Databases In The Cloud

I love statistics. Here is one that is bursting at the seams: United States businesses alone will spend 13 billion on cloud computing. And the global estimated services market will have reached $180 billion by the end of 2015 according to Garnter, the leading IT leadership group. The train has left the station. I often take New York City Subways. Amidst the scurry, I have, on … [Read more...]