The new data security law: Just plain bull

New Datat Security Law

The new data security law,  if not plain bull, is certainly a fight amongst bulls. Who is in the ring? The Federal government versus the state government. The banking groups versus the retailers. And let's not forget the ring master---the bully---the master of ceremonies in this circus. Do you believe that the new data security law will protect your data? These are desperate times … [Read more...]

Passive Optical LAN Market: 6 reasons to ride this wave

Passive Optical LAN Market

I will never know the thrill of water surfing. I am too scared. Hey, Fear is healthy. Sometimes. I admire those who dare. I bet you do too. Did you know that the  longest surf ride on record is 3 hours and 55 minutes? Kudos to surfing champion Gary Saavedra who took on the 2011 "Canal Cross" challenge and rode a 41.3 mile wave for nearly 4 hours! Ok--- It was an … [Read more...]

Databases In The Cloud: Are you on the right track?

Databases In The Cloud

I love statistics. Here is one that is bursting at the seams: United States businesses alone will spend 13 billion on cloud computing. And the global estimated services market will have reached $180 billion by the end of 2015 according to Garnter, the leading IT leadership group. The train has left the station. I often take New York City Subways. Amidst the scurry, I have, on … [Read more...]

Cloud Data: Who owns it?

Cloud Data: Who owns it?

My 11 month old daughter, Rachael, is at that stage: "Mine! Mine! In her world reasoning is pointless, so I let her have it all-----for now. I am still awe-struck by the gift that she is. We tend to observe and respect stages. And we are often patient----for a while. Cloud data has also had its stages.  We have been enamored because it has provided so much freedom and flexibility. But … [Read more...]

To Heck With Hindsight, Data Security Demands Foresight Home Depot

Data Security

Would you agree that there is a certain appeal to having hindsight? Does the appeal hold when you think of data security? Your data security? I grew up hearing that hindsight is 20/20. Because I have always relied on glasses, the idea of having 20/20 vision gets my attention. I want 20/20 vision. But, I want  more than that  for my data. I want foresight. Don't you? If you shop, … [Read more...]