Cloud Data: Who owns it?

Cloud Data: Who owns it?

My 11 month old daughter, Rachael, is at that stage: "Mine! Mine! In her world reasoning is pointless, so I let her have it all-----for now. I am still awe-struck by the gift that she is. We tend to observe and respect stages. And we are often patient----for a while. Cloud data has also had its stages.  We have been enamored because it has provided so much freedom and flexibility. But … [Read more...]

To Heck With Hindsight, Data Security Demands Foresight Home Depot

Data Security

Would you agree that there is a certain appeal to having hindsight? Does the appeal hold when you think of data security? Your data security? I grew up hearing that hindsight is 20/20. Because I have always relied on glasses, the idea of having 20/20 vision gets my attention. I want 20/20 vision. But, I want  more than that  for my data. I want foresight. Don't you? If you shop, … [Read more...]

Cloud Consciousness And Data Portability

Cloud consciousness And Data Portability

Data is gold to any organization, therefore data portability is a critical metric when evaluating your cloud consciousness. Because the cloud implies flexibility, being able to retrieve data and applications from a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) is vital to any enterprise. If a CSP uses proprietary software and formats to store an organization's data or applications, it may prove difficult to … [Read more...]

Passive Optical Network: How It Works (II)

Passive Optical Network

Our series continues with a focus on the benefits of the Passive Optical Network. Our last post  highlighted tremendous savings in capital expenditure. Savings. The fruit of its design. But what about operational costs? The Passive Optical Network is the gift that keeps on giving. Network managers are smart. Scores are impressed with the savings in capital expenditures. However, … [Read more...]

Cloud Consciousness. Check Your Pulse.(Part 2)


At the time of this post, CNN reported that Malaysian Fight MH 17 had been yanked from the sky by pro-Russian rebel missiles. Two hundred and ninety three lives snuffed out like tired candles. It is daunting  to discuss disaster recovery and business continuity in light of these events. To be the referee who is trying to contain  damages. Yet, obligated to stay in the ring with the likes … [Read more...]